Know how to plant grass seed

People would have seen lawn in many places and they may wonder how it is created. Actually planting a lawn is very simple and anyone can do that at home. If you know the proper methods of how to plant grass seed, then it will be very easy to create beautiful and pleasant lawn at home. The following passages will give you the better ideas to plant grass seed.

First of all, you have to find a suitable grass seed type according to your region. Once you can get an idea about that, you must get fine quality of seeds. Before planting the seeds, you have to prepare your soil for the plantation. To plant anything, the soil must be loosening enough. Therefore you have to loosen the top of soil upto 2 to 3 inches. After that, inspect and eliminate the stones and sticks present in the plantation area. This is the most important thing that everyone has to perform while planting any seeds.

Know how to plant grass seed

Meanwhile the soil should not be too fine. You have to make sure that properly because it will not be suitable for the grass plantation. Soil with small clumps can be acceptable. Most importantly you have to level the area so that water will not stay anywhere. Once all these processes are done, you can plant the seeds. After seeding, you must fertilize the soil because it will boost up the growth of grass. Until the grasses are completely germinated, usage of weed killers must be avoided. This is one important thing that everyone has to consider.

After spreading the seeds all over the area, you have to use the topsoil and cover the seeds. Then you should water the seeds regularly make sure that you are providing excessive water. These are the procedures which have to be followed while planting the grass seeds. But still many people are having a about the right time to plant the grass seeds. This is very imperative thing that everyone has to know. It is recommended to plant the seeds in the time of spring or fall season. The main reason to prefer these seasons is the seeds can get the needed moisture in both spring and fall season. Therefore the seeds will not be destructed. In these seasons you should not use weed killers and allow the plants to be fully germinated. You have to mow the grass only in the spring season.


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